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Crown Reduction

This process is where you reduce the overall size and shape of the tree by a specified amount, whilst also thinning out the internal growth within the tree. The tree that you will be left with will be less problematic and will let more light through. A crown reduction is the most common way to deal with a problem tree without completely removing the tree.


This pruning method is similar to a Crown Reduction but you remove all the foliage from the tree essentially leaving just a ‘skeleton’ of a stem. This is only recommended for certain species of trees such as Lime Trees or London Plane trees and if done properly within 4 months or so foliage should start to return. This pruning method may be required if the tree is causing subsidence problems to the property. It also allows the tree to be maintained easier in the future.

Tree Felling

This is when you cut a tree down completely either to the ground level or to whatever height has been specified. This can either be done from the ground using technical cuts or if there are obstacles under the tree can be done from climbing within the tree and lowering everything down in smaller pieces with ropes.

Hedge Trimming

This is the basic process of reducing and shaping a hedge.

*All of our services include the removal of all foliage and logs unless requested otherwise.

*If you are unsure about what needs to be done with your trees be sure to call us and we would be more than happy to discuss it with you.

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